The avocado, the fruit of health

Avocado, also known as avocado, is usually eaten in salads for its taste so exotic and fresh. In fact it is the main ingredient of the famous Mexican sauce, guacamole. The avocado helps the body to absorb carotenoid antioxidants that are known as beta carotene and lycopene.

These substances are better absorbed when the avocado is added to the salads. Since the combination of the avocado with other vegetables helps to enhance this effect. It can also be consumed as oil and added to fruits, to enhance the absorption of these antioxidants. The good thing about avocado fruit is that its taste is very good with both sweet and salty.avocado benefits

El compuesto principal que ayuda al organismo, es el omega 3, que es lo que ayuda a mantener sano el corazón, la buena vista y el sistema nervioso central. De hecho se lo recomienda para personas que tienen Alzheimer o que tienen posibilidades de tener dicha enfermedad, ya que ayuda al mejor funcionamiento del cerebro

The benefits

The main benefit of the avocado, is the type of fat offered to the body. This is extremely healthy, in fact it does very well helping to keep inflammations better. That’s why it is recommended for people who have arthritis, because it helps to deflate tissues and relieve pain. This fat also helps to clean the digestive system, keeping it healthy for better absorption of the nutrients needed for everyday life.

The main compound that helps the body, is omega 3, which is what helps to maintain healthy heart, good eyesight and central nervous system. In fact it is recommended for people who have Alzheimer’s or who are likely to have Alzheimer’s disease as it helps the brain work better.

The high content of vitamin E it possesses makes it an antioxidant fruit par excellence, helping the tissues to stay healthier and more active.

To consume it and get better all its benefits, you have to peel it trying not to separate your skin much, since the most important nutrients are just after the peel. It oxidizes very easily in contact with the air, to avoid this you will be adding some lemon and you can keep the fruit fresher with its characteristic green color for longer. To make guacamole proceed to make the puree, the mixture with onion and tomato chopped, and is ready to serve. In salads you can choose to cut it into slices and look good with any type of vegetables. A very rich recipe is the mouse of sweet avocado, which is made with bananas and avocados made puree, sweetened with honey. It is allowed to cool in the refrigerator and is ready to eat.

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