Tips for avoiding depression

Entering a depressive state today is common currency. The demands of daily life, the little time that is dedicated to the things we like, the lack of affection, the stress, everything leads to lower the mood in few time and without realizing one can fall into depression that Could be avoided if you pay attention to it in time.

When you go into a depressive state you are losing your desire to do things as simple as getting out of bed, taking a shower or eating lunch. It seems that life lost meaning and finding desire within oneself is almost impossible. The problem is that it becomes a circle where one can not get out and each time gets depressed more. Before reaching this state, it is convenient to be aware of this and do something about it.avoid depression

Where to start to fight depression?

The main thing is to find people to support you. It is important to surround yourself with people who offer you their affection without burdening you with more problems. Knowing that you have someone in life, it makes everything lighter. Many times we can not find such support in the closest people and that is why it is good to go to a specialist or a center where support groups are formed. Being able to talk to someone, getting out of that vicious circle, is the first step to getting out of this state.

You Must go little by little

You have to start with small things and do not underestimate them. Being able to get up, bathe and have breakfast on time is a big step. Do not be discouraged because it cost a lot to achieve something that for most people does without even thinking. We are all different and each one has to deal with different things in life.

Do not suddenly pretend to be very well and go out to celebrate life as if nothing had happened. This can take you to the top and then make it drop quickly. In fact it is very common thing that happens with people suffering from depression, one day they are very happy and the other are shattered in their bed. You have to go slowly, until you can find an emotional balance. Do not be distressed by this. In everyone’s life there are good days and bad days. You have to know how to have patience, go slowly and hope that everything will turn out well.

Causes that generate dandruff on the scalp

You may have good hair and it looks great, but you would not stand a chance with your close friends if you wear dandruff on your hair. It is hard to hide the fact that you have dandruff and can be very embarrassing. Sometimes you do not even realize the fact that others are watching your hair and the dandruff tracks that makes you scrape your scalp from time to time. However, I agree that dandruff is a common disorder and around 50% of the population is ever dandruff. The reason is simple. There are several causes that can cause dandruff. Understanding these causes is essential if you want to get rid of dandruff forever.scalp health

The causes of dandruff

Lack of proper hair care. Proper hair care should be an essential part of your routine if you want to stay away from dandruff. Irregular and improper hair brushing can gradually lead to dandruff. It is a common cause that causes dandruff and other hair problems. When combing hair, dead skin cells can be easily removed. However, in the absence of combing the dead cells are not removed and adhere to your scalp. Finally, this layer of dead skin becomes dandruff.

If you are allergic to yeast, you can easily get dandruff on the head. Yeast is a species of spores or fungi that lives in our atmosphere. It is different from the yeast we use for cooking.

Dry Skin: People who have dry skin often get dandruff. They usually experience the problem during the winter days when their skin tends to be drier. Here are the best remedies for dry skin . We recommend using follicle rx in india  for hair loss. 

Certain diseases can cause dandruff. Certain health conditions such as poor immunity, heart disease, strokes, seborrheic dermatitis and Parkinson’s disease can often result in the formation of dandruff. Lack of enough shampoo can lead to dandruff. The shampoo removes dead skin cells and buildup of excess oil from your scalp.

In the absence of proper shampoo these skin cells and oily deposits lead to dandruff. The scalp is a region where there are a lot of sebaceous glands and this is in turn results in the growth and development of excess of the fungus. This fungus blocks the sebaceous glands that lead to itching, inflammation and dandruff. It can also be an inadequate diet. A diet that is deficient in vitamins, zinc and fats can lead to dandruff.

For more information see: hair loss treatment (causes hair loss and how to stop it).

Natural recipe with onion for hair growth

More and more people have to face the fact that they are losing their hair. Although it is normal to lose one amount of hair per day, there are people who lose more than normal. This causes some distress in the person and stress. There are people who are more likely to lose all hair, either for hereditary reasons or for situations of high stress. Luckily there are remedies of plant origin to prevent the fall, a key ingredient of this is the onion.

Being a natural onion ingredient, it helps to recover the hair without having any side effect. It is an excellent option to treat this disease. There is no need for invasive chemicals that sometimes end up hurting more than they can get to do growth

Onion can help hair grow

It seems somewhat strange and many people do not believe that something as simple as onion can help in the treatment against hair loss. Numerous scientific studies have been done that support the use of onion to make hair grow better. It can be applied directly on the hair in this way, improve the blood circulation of the scalp. This helps to better oxygenate the hair follicles and in this way they remain active and strong. It also helps make the hair thicker, stronger and resistant to the factors that damage it.

You can also eat the onion, it would be good to incorporate it into everyday food. Thus the treatment with onion is more effective. It is best to ingest it raw. It can cut or chop and pass through warm water for a few minutes to get the acid that can damage our stomach.

To make the onion juice that is applied directly on the scalp. You have to liquefy two raw onions with a little water, until liquid is well. Then it is added on the scalp and left to rest with a thermal cap for half an hour. It is important to do this by this time, so the effects are better. It is true that the onion has a lot of smell and can be annoying, but remember that it has very good benefits. Once the time passed, proceed to clean the head as usual. You have to have patience to see the results. Remember that hair takes a long time to grow, but by waiting a month you can tell the difference. Keep doing this for six months and check that the onion is the best treatment against hair loss.

Food to lose weight in a healthy way

We all know that breakfast is what is said, the most important meal of the rest of the day. Therefore it is important to start the day eating healthy things that give us energy, make us lose weight, we do not want to eat and are healthy. Omelets made with egg white, bananas and oats are three key ingredients that are already known, but then we’ll tell you a little more. Here we leave you healthy meals to make breakfast more interesting.foods to lose weight

Smoked salmon sandwiches

This recipe has less than 320 calories and provides very good nutrients. Two ounces of smoked salmon, one loaf of toasted wholemeal loaf, one tablespoon of cream cheese, a little onion are needed. Do not be afraid of cheese cream, it is proven that the intake of cheeses provides good amounts of calcium which is a mineral needed to lose weight.

Omelette and green leaves

With this recipe you will have all the protein and fiber necessary for a good functioning of the intestines. You need a tablespoon of olive oil, a bundle of spinach, an egg and a slice of mushroom mushroom. It is very easy to prepare, you have to add the olive oil in a pan and bring to medium heat. Saute the spinach along with the mushrooms, once cooked reserve. In a skillet that is suitable to make tortillas add more oil and egg, when cooking add mushrooms and spinach, and cook. It is served hot.

Pancake with fruits of the forest

This is a very low calorie dessert and will be delicious. You only need a pancake that will heat in a frying pan, then add almond butter and red berries such as blackberries, raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. The important fact of eating almond butter or almonds during breakfast helps regulate the sugar circulating in the blood. Which means it takes away the urge to ingest sugars for the rest of the day. Take the test for a week and check the results yourself.

Scrambled Eggs to lose weight

It is a good recipe to change the typical way of making scrambled eggs. In a frying pan with a little oil add an egg, a chopped onion, an egg white, green and red pepper, stir everything until well cooked. You can add some cream cheese to make it softer.

How to increase testosterone naturally and without side effects

From the age of 30, testosterone levels have declined in most men. This undoubtedly worries many, as this hormone is associated with manhood, reproduction and sexual performance. In fact it has been proven that men with very little testosterone have less reproductive capacity. Due to this is very important to increase testosterone in addition to conserve the vitality that characterizes it.

In turn men with low testosterone present symptoms that often lower their self-esteem and sexual performance. These symptoms can be: low erections, weight loss, lack of desire for sex, increased body fat and poor sperm quality, among others. It is important to note that not all symptoms are present at the same time.increase testosterone naturally

Some tips to increase testosterone levels in the body are:

Weight loss

It has been proven through medical and scientific studies that most overweight men tend to have lower levels of testosterone in the body. So losing weight is a fundamental requirement if you want this hormone to increase in your body. It is vital to increase testosterone.

You Sign up for a gym and lift weight to boost testosterone

Even if you do not think doing this type of male activities increases the level of testosterone. In this case you can exercise both cardiovascular and weight. Remember that the heavier the exercise you do, the greater the chance that you will achieve the desired goal.

Eat foods rich in natural fats

When we eat foods rich in harmful fats we not only affect our physical appearance but also our health. That is why, strive to consume healthy fats, such as: Avocado, coconut oils, olive, sesame, among others. Nuts are also rich in healthy fats, such as: merey, nuts, mani, almond, sesame. In turn fruits such as avocado and coconut will be your allies in a food that revolves around improving your hormonal levels.

Eat Healthy Protein

Lean red meats are good sources of saturated protein and iron. That is why the consumption of this type of food must be increased in your diet. Eggs are also one of the recommended proteins when increasing this hormone is treated, since eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D, which contributes to the formation of the hormone in your body. This type of food will help you increase testosterone.

Control stress levels

Recent studies have concluded that men who have a high level of stress in their day to day, produce less testosterone than those who lead a calmer pace of life. This is because by having stress the body activates the production of cortisol which is known as the stress hormone. This hormone causes the heart to pump blood faster and as cortisol increases, testosterone decreases. The higher level of stress, the greater the production of cortisol and the longer the lock of production of testosterone in the body.

We hope these tips will serve to increase this prized and important hormone in men. But remember that if your problem is serious you should seek the help of a professional. You should not be ashamed to do so. Most men have had this problem in the course of their life. Also following these tips will be possible for you to increase testosterone.

How to Increase Muscle Mass Effectively

Many times we see ourselves in front of the mirror and realize that we have less weight, and we really do not feel comfortable. Then we think that eating all the fat and carbohydrates we get through will increase muscle mass effectively … ERROR.

You could win rolls, diseases and obesity if you do not follow the correct procedure to gain muscle. Next we will give you the tips and information you need to gain muscle and not fat.increase muscle mass effectively

10 Ways to increase muscle mass effectively

Do not resort to junk food

Remember, you want to gain muscle not fat. On the contrary, focus on eating healthy many times poor diet, lack of protein and vitamins can be the cause of excessive weight loss.

Go to the doctor

… and get blood tests. Remember that, more important than our physical appearance, is our health. So, discard all the chances that some bacteria or parasite is affecting your digestive system and the correct adsorption of food.


Look for a good workout routine or a trainer and go to the gym with a lot of discipline. I remember wanting to gain muscle mass for a while, I enrolled in a gym but without a good approach, without realizing the weeks I was thinner. When I checked with a trainer he told me that he was doing more cardiovascular exercise than weights. So, do not be afraid to lift weights, it is what will really help you to increase muscle mass effectively. It evolves with the weight that is to say that every 15 days increases it or at least every month.

Consume Protein to increase muscle mass effectively

Do not be afraid of protein. When you train heavy internally there is an over stimulation and tearing of the muscle at the end of training if there is no protein that the muscle can absorb, the muscle will remain the same size it was in. So, when you finish your workout, without letting your time run, take a glass of good protein preferably with oats and fruits.

Combine methods

Perform series of compound exercises. Some people believe that they can only increase muscle in the legs but do not work their glutes. Or they want to raise arms but do not work their backs. This is another mistake.

Feed properly

Feed yourself with healthy fiber and fats, by which I mean you include fiber in your daily intake away from the fiber-free carbohydrates. And it consumes natural fats like for example, avocado, almonds, walnuts, etc.

Cardio exercises

Do not exercise for more than 10 minutes. Cardiovascular exercise does not allow hypertrophy to be generated which will not favor weight gain. Remember that walking from your home to the gym is already a cardiovascular exercise you’re doing.

Review posts of Cardio

Do not exercise for more than 10 minutes. Cardiovascular exercise does not allow hypertrophy to be generated which will not favor weight gain. Remember that walking from your home to the gym is already a cardiovascular exercise you are doing.

The calorie level

Consume more calories than you burn, try to have snacks during the day that allow you to recover the calories lost in excess, especially if your work routine is heavy. Snacks can be accompanied by chocolate, nuts, yogurts, cereals, etc.


Take control of the calories you eat so you do not have a calorie surplus. And then it will turn into fat. You Make sure you have burned all the excess in your body before making a plan to gain muscle mass.

Lose All Fat Before You Try to Gain Muscle Mass

Many times the fat is covering the muscle and we do not need to gain muscle mass, but to lose the fat that is blocking the muscle. That’s because I recommend that unless you are sure of your body fat%, go to a specialist to help you determine this, and if at least half of the first week you focus on doing cardiovascular exercise in the gym, to lose the grease.

Look for good advice, and lose the surplus fat first. When you feel fit and your body fat% is ideal, you really want to increase muscle mass. If you do full cardiovascular and at the same time you lift weights, you are not gaining muscle mass. You protect the muscle from being clogged by fat and do not lose toning. Increase muscle mass effectively is an achievable goal!


Skin care to avoid acne in adults

Experts claim that more and more adults are suffering from acne. If you want to avoid this annoying condition during adolescence, read on and we will give you useful tips to prevent it from manifesting in your face. Skin care is essential to prevent these many other imperfections.

Eliminates harmful foods for skin careskin care tips

It is likely that every time your body experiences a change in hormones, fat will increase significantly. This causes congestion in the pores and thus allows reproduction of the bacteria that causes acne. In turn if our daily diet is full of carbohydrates, sugars, dairy and chocolates we are likely to be damaging the care of our skin.

Although it was previously believed that feeding did not affect the condition of our skin is now claimed to be a very influential factor in caring for it. For example: Any food that increases the glucose in our body will trigger an inflammatory response in our skin and cause outbreaks.

Dairy on the other hand due to the large amount of hormones that they possess by the feeding and the inadequate treatment of the animals alter our hormonal cycles. The chocolates on their part are loaded with sugar fats and milk making them harmful to our skin. However the chocolates that retain the original flavor of cocoa are rich in antioxidants. They are foods that you should decrease as part of skin care

Another very important factor in adult acne is emotional tension. While the 21st century disease is stress and depression, when we are subjected to stress our body activates the release of cortisol, a hormone that contributes to acne as it is responsible for producing sebum-blocking pores.

Medical Conditions Affecting the Skin

Although we have talked about important factors that manifest the condition of acne in an adult, perhaps the most relevant is that of health problems. There are more and more hormonal problems that both men and women present. Some are high levels of testosterone or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), these variations in our overall health are often causes of acne that go unnoticed.

Polycystic ovary syndrome, currently affects 10% of the world’s female population and many women suffer from this disease. Many of these do not even know or are aware of it. So if your grains are accompanied by excessive hair growth, irregular periods, it is advisable to talk to your doctor. You will probably have a blood test or an ultrasound to know if you suffer from this disease. And if so, your acne problem was treated with oral contraceptives or antiandrogens, depending on your case or convenience.

It is important to know that some pimple and pimple products are very aggressive. In many cases irritate and mistreat the skin so it is advisable to consult a dermatologist to verify that the product you are using is the right one for you. However we recommend washing your face every day with a non-strong hypoallergenic astringent that cleanses your skin from it and impurities from day to day. Skin care on a frequent basis, easily eliminates this aesthetic disorder.

How lose weight without ruining yourself in the attempt

Most people feel that nutritious food that takes care of us both inside and out is extremely costly. For example, a good wine will certainly be much more expensive than a beer. And a snack with fats and carbohydrates, insurance is more accessible than a handful of nuts or fresh fruits. Then you will learn how lose weight, without ruining your wallet.

how to lose weight quickly

How Lose Weight with These 10 Tips

Choose whole bread and freeze it:

We often refrain from buying bread with cereals because not all members of the household like it and because of this, it can get damaged or get old. But you can buy a loaf of whole-wheat bread and divide it into portions that you consume normally and freeze it already open. You can even freeze it with the filling already included and save time in the mornings.

Eat more fruits and less juices:

It has been proven that when liquefying or processing the fruit to make juices this loses a lot of properties, including natural fiber, which is an ally when it comes to losing weight. In turn, you will enjoy the natural fructose of the fruit and avoid adding sugar.

Prepare your own alkaline or flavored water:

Many do not know that preparing this water is super simple and healthy. Simply put a bag of tea, a few slices of alkaline fruits, into a pitcher of water. These can be: cucumber, lemon, strawberries, kiwis, raspberries and even mint leaves or green tea. Always remember that the healthiest thing is home-made.

Always carry a snack in your wallet

To avoid the temptation to buy a food that is expensive and harmful to your body, always carry a snack in your wallet or backpack. Some ideas can be: Fresh fruit, chocolate with a considerable amount of cocoa, coconut, a handful of nuts or even a bowl of oats and a little honey. This is how losing weight becomes an easy and delicious task.

Homemade almonds, coconut, oatmeal milks:

There is always a dilemma of conscience with cow’s milk and it is that for no one is a secret of how harmful it can be, even being skimpy. However the natural milks are very expensive. But … Have you tried to prepare them at home? You will be surprised how easy and economical it is, as well as delicious. Try it, you will not regret it

Do not eat in restaurants:

Specialty cuisine can contain lots of condiments and fats. They are very delicious, but eating frequently in restaurants hurts both your diet and your pocket. This is part of understanding how lose weight.

Always carry a container of water with you:

This way you will avoid dehydration, which you can consume with hunger. This will also avoid buying juices and soft drinks. In any case, if you try to buy liquids when you are not at home, let it be water.

Do not let your vegetables get damaged:

Frozen vegetables do not lose vitamins, often we stop buying vegetables for fear of being damaged. But one solution is to resort to freezing them. Frozen vegetables have the same nutrients as fresh ones.

Wrap the fruits in a cloth:

This will prevent the heat from the refrigerator from burning them which will help to keep them better. Always use the seasonal ones, they have more nutrients, and to take advantage of their low price you can whiten them (go through warm water for a few minutes) and freeze them.

You do not pay a gym:

If you have a park or garden nearby, practice outdoor sports. Run, walk and learn some way to do exercises without machines.

Do not eat foods does not benefit your body

Do not feel sorry or remorse not to eat a cake that is full of fats and sugar, many times we think “I already buy it I must consume it” In these it is preferable to lose money to lose my health. If you are going to eat something that is only going to harm your body you just do not do it. If you really want to take care of yourself, your health should be above your wallet. Always Thinking Am I really not buying this for price, or is it for ease?

Many people think that grapes or a handful of raspberries are expensive, but goodies are also, especially when we get sick from poor diet.

Sometimes we excuse ourselves that, taking care of ourselves is costly and we constantly neglect our health and figure when in reality, it is very simple and done in the right way it is not necessary to invest large sums of money. If you wanted to know how lose weight without spending too much money, these tips will ease the task and help you have a healthy lifestyle.

Paprika vitamins and delicious ways to prepare it

The nutrients for which the peppers stand out and differs from the usual vegetables are the vitamins that contribute to our diet. The red peppers are loaded with abundant beta-carotene, the main precursor of vitamin A. This is necessary for the growth and development of bones, for the maintenance and repair of mucous cells, epithelia, skin, nails and tooth enamel.

vitamins and minerals

In addition to improving our vision and preventing premature aging and the onset of cancer. The paprika also contains another fat soluble vitamin that is usually only present in foods that are rich in fats: The great vitamin E. And combining vitamins like A and E makes paprika a king among antioxidants that comes with other valuable nutrients like Vitamin B6, folic acid, flavonoids, organic acids and salicylates with anti-inflammatory effects.

Not enough of this the paprika are the leaders of a vitamin that we still do not name: Vitamin C, are the best source of this precious vitamin especially the yellow ones and the red ones when they are well mature: a single paprika, even being green Our diet the vitamin C needed to consume per day, especially when consumed raw or with little cooking.

The paprika was precisely the food by which Dutch scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi synthesized vitamin C, which would later be worth the Nobel prize of medicine because of his research and the benefits provided by it.

Antioxidant power and ally in controlling or losing weight

The paprika is virtually devoid of fats, has very few calories (only 25 per 100 grams) in turn provide few carbohydrates and protein. But there is something that paprika does brings to our diet in a great way antioxidants and vitamins.

  1. Vitamin C: Peppers are the most abundant source of ascorbic acid in our usual diet, they are more than some citrus fruits, including kiwis. They are only overcome by less frequent foods like passion fruit or acerola. The content increases as the paprika ripens and reaches its maximum when it is well red. Given the sensitivity of this vitamin to heat only fully benefit from its benefits when raw vegetables are consumed. Food thus results even, but digestive.
  2. Carotenoids: This group belongs to beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A and lycopene but in red paprika there are up to 20 different substances. Some such as ketocarotenoids have been found only in them. Which exert a potent antioxidant action.
  3. Vitamin E: Despite its low fats, paprika provides a remarkable amount of vitamin E, which is associated with the antioxidant effect, 100 grams of red pepper provides 15% of the vitamin E needed daily.

Other vitamins: Paprika provides both B-group vitamins including B6 and folic acid; As abundant vitamin K. This vitamin present in vegetables intervenes in blood clotting and the formation of bone mass.

Purchase and maintenance

For your purchase, it is best to do it in markets where we can find fresh and well-preserved vegetables. Its season is in periods of June and September, the rest of the year its cultivation is forced therefore, perhaps its flavor and nutrients may decrease. Once purchased refrigerate them is the best and eat them fast as they mature easily.

The paprika brings the three antioxidant vitamins A, C and E along with several of group B, such as folic acid. So it is a great anticancer and strengthens the blood system.