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Food to lose weight in a healthy way

We all know that breakfast is what is said, the most important meal of the rest of the day. Therefore it is important to start the day eating healthy things that give us energy, make us lose weight, we do not want to eat and are healthy. Omelets made with egg white, bananas and oats are three key ingredients that are already known, but then we’ll tell you a little more. Here we leave you healthy meals to make breakfast more interesting.foods to lose weight

Smoked salmon sandwiches

This recipe has less than 320 calories and provides very good nutrients. Two ounces of smoked salmon, one loaf of toasted wholemeal loaf, one tablespoon of cream cheese, a little onion are needed. Do not be afraid of cheese cream, it is proven that the intake of cheeses provides good amounts of calcium which is a mineral needed to lose weight.

Omelette and green leaves

With this recipe you will have all the protein and fiber necessary for a good functioning of the intestines. You need a tablespoon of olive oil, a bundle of spinach, an egg and a slice of mushroom mushroom. It is very easy to prepare, you have to add the olive oil in a pan and bring to medium heat. Saute the spinach along with the mushrooms, once cooked reserve. In a skillet that is suitable to make tortillas add more oil and egg, when cooking add mushrooms and spinach, and cook. It is served hot.

Pancake with fruits of the forest

This is a very low calorie dessert and will be delicious. You only need a pancake that will heat in a frying pan, then add almond butter and red berries such as blackberries, raspberries, strawberries or blueberries. The important fact of eating almond butter or almonds during breakfast helps regulate the sugar circulating in the blood. Which means it takes away the urge to ingest sugars for the rest of the day. Take the test for a week and check the results yourself.

Scrambled Eggs to lose weight

It is a good recipe to change the typical way of making scrambled eggs. In a frying pan with a little oil add an egg, a chopped onion, an egg white, green and red pepper, stir everything until well cooked. You can add some cream cheese to make it softer.

How to Increase Muscle Mass Effectively

Many times we see ourselves in front of the mirror and realize that we have less weight, and we really do not feel comfortable. Then we think that eating all the fat and carbohydrates we get through will increase muscle mass effectively … ERROR.

You could win rolls, diseases and obesity if you do not follow the correct procedure to gain muscle. Next we will give you the tips and information you need to gain muscle and not fat.increase muscle mass effectively

10 Ways to increase muscle mass effectively

Do not resort to junk food

Remember, you want to gain muscle not fat. On the contrary, focus on eating healthy many times poor diet, lack of protein and vitamins can be the cause of excessive weight loss.

Go to the doctor

… and get blood tests. Remember that, more important than our physical appearance, is our health. So, discard all the chances that some bacteria or parasite is affecting your digestive system and the correct adsorption of food.


Look for a good workout routine or a trainer and go to the gym with a lot of discipline. I remember wanting to gain muscle mass for a while, I enrolled in a gym but without a good approach, without realizing the weeks I was thinner. When I checked with a trainer he told me that he was doing more cardiovascular exercise than weights. So, do not be afraid to lift weights, it is what will really help you to increase muscle mass effectively. It evolves with the weight that is to say that every 15 days increases it or at least every month.

Consume Protein to increase muscle mass effectively

Do not be afraid of protein. When you train heavy internally there is an over stimulation and tearing of the muscle at the end of training if there is no protein that the muscle can absorb, the muscle will remain the same size it was in. So, when you finish your workout, without letting your time run, take a glass of good protein preferably with oats and fruits.

Combine methods

Perform series of compound exercises. Some people believe that they can only increase muscle in the legs but do not work their glutes. Or they want to raise arms but do not work their backs. This is another mistake.

Feed properly

Feed yourself with healthy fiber and fats, by which I mean you include fiber in your daily intake away from the fiber-free carbohydrates. And it consumes natural fats like for example, avocado, almonds, walnuts, etc.

Cardio exercises

Do not exercise for more than 10 minutes. Cardiovascular exercise does not allow hypertrophy to be generated which will not favor weight gain. Remember that walking from your home to the gym is already a cardiovascular exercise you’re doing.

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Do not exercise for more than 10 minutes. Cardiovascular exercise does not allow hypertrophy to be generated which will not favor weight gain. Remember that walking from your home to the gym is already a cardiovascular exercise you are doing.

The calorie level

Consume more calories than you burn, try to have snacks during the day that allow you to recover the calories lost in excess, especially if your work routine is heavy. Snacks can be accompanied by chocolate, nuts, yogurts, cereals, etc.


Take control of the calories you eat so you do not have a calorie surplus. And then it will turn into fat. You Make sure you have burned all the excess in your body before making a plan to gain muscle mass.

Lose All Fat Before You Try to Gain Muscle Mass

Many times the fat is covering the muscle and we do not need to gain muscle mass, but to lose the fat that is blocking the muscle. That’s because I recommend that unless you are sure of your body fat%, go to a specialist to help you determine this, and if at least half of the first week you focus on doing cardiovascular exercise in the gym, to lose the grease.

Look for good advice, and lose the surplus fat first. When you feel fit and your body fat% is ideal, you really want to increase muscle mass. If you do full cardiovascular and at the same time you lift weights, you are not gaining muscle mass. You protect the muscle from being clogged by fat and do not lose toning. Increase muscle mass effectively is an achievable goal!

How lose weight without ruining yourself in the attempt

Most people feel that nutritious food that takes care of us both inside and out is extremely costly. For example, a good wine will certainly be much more expensive than a beer. And a snack with fats and carbohydrates, insurance is more accessible than a handful of nuts or fresh fruits. Then you will learn how lose weight, without ruining your wallet.

how to lose weight quickly

How Lose Weight with These 10 Tips

Choose whole bread and freeze it:

We often refrain from buying bread with cereals because not all members of the household like it and because of this, it can get damaged or get old. But you can buy a loaf of whole-wheat bread and divide it into portions that you consume normally and freeze it already open. You can even freeze it with the filling already included and save time in the mornings.

Eat more fruits and less juices:

It has been proven that when liquefying or processing the fruit to make juices this loses a lot of properties, including natural fiber, which is an ally when it comes to losing weight. In turn, you will enjoy the natural fructose of the fruit and avoid adding sugar.

Prepare your own alkaline or flavored water:

Many do not know that preparing this water is super simple and healthy. Simply put a bag of tea, a few slices of alkaline fruits, into a pitcher of water. These can be: cucumber, lemon, strawberries, kiwis, raspberries and even mint leaves or green tea. Always remember that the healthiest thing is home-made.

Always carry a snack in your wallet

To avoid the temptation to buy a food that is expensive and harmful to your body, always carry a snack in your wallet or backpack. Some ideas can be: Fresh fruit, chocolate with a considerable amount of cocoa, coconut, a handful of nuts or even a bowl of oats and a little honey. This is how losing weight becomes an easy and delicious task.

Homemade almonds, coconut, oatmeal milks:

There is always a dilemma of conscience with cow’s milk and it is that for no one is a secret of how harmful it can be, even being skimpy. However the natural milks are very expensive. But … Have you tried to prepare them at home? You will be surprised how easy and economical it is, as well as delicious. Try it, you will not regret it

Do not eat in restaurants:

Specialty cuisine can contain lots of condiments and fats. They are very delicious, but eating frequently in restaurants hurts both your diet and your pocket. This is part of understanding how lose weight.

Always carry a container of water with you:

This way you will avoid dehydration, which you can consume with hunger. This will also avoid buying juices and soft drinks. In any case, if you try to buy liquids when you are not at home, let it be water.

Do not let your vegetables get damaged:

Frozen vegetables do not lose vitamins, often we stop buying vegetables for fear of being damaged. But one solution is to resort to freezing them. Frozen vegetables have the same nutrients as fresh ones.

Wrap the fruits in a cloth:

This will prevent the heat from the refrigerator from burning them which will help to keep them better. Always use the seasonal ones, they have more nutrients, and to take advantage of their low price you can whiten them (go through warm water for a few minutes) and freeze them.

You do not pay a gym:

If you have a park or garden nearby, practice outdoor sports. Run, walk and learn some way to do exercises without machines.

Do not eat foods does not benefit your body

Do not feel sorry or remorse not to eat a cake that is full of fats and sugar, many times we think “I already buy it I must consume it” In these it is preferable to lose money to lose my health. If you are going to eat something that is only going to harm your body you just do not do it. If you really want to take care of yourself, your health should be above your wallet. Always Thinking Am I really not buying this for price, or is it for ease? Read this article about supplements for weight loss:

Many people think that grapes or a handful of raspberries are expensive, but goodies are also, especially when we get sick from poor diet.

Sometimes we excuse ourselves that, taking care of ourselves is costly and we constantly neglect our health and figure when in reality, it is very simple and done in the right way it is not necessary to invest large sums of money. If you wanted to know how lose weight without spending too much money, these tips will ease the task and help you have a healthy lifestyle.