Home Treatments for Common Ailments

Canker sores
Lemon is very suitable for unpleasant canker sores, as well as salted plums, three times a day, and propolis. Good results are also obtained by using a few drops of Sayo on the canker sores three times a day. A drop of the carnation essence on them is also indicated. It is worth remembering that food is essential for the cure of canker sores. Eat plenty of green salads and whole grains. Avoid meats and foods that cause fermentation.

Lemon, burdock tea and the ingestion of three salted plums are quite indicated in the treatment of allergies. Aloe vera, applied locally for 20 minutes also helps. Eliminate all foods that produce toxins, such as eggs, meats, preserves, and fats. It is advisable to eat whole grain cereals.

Belly pressure
Two hours after meals, have a glass of lime juice. After meals, tea also works well. Eliminate foods that cause fermentation, such as meat, eggs, and fats. Also avoid white bread, sugar and its derivatives, such as sorbets and frozen products. Eating right, three times a day, in an accurate daily routine, helps a lot in the treatment.

Insect Bites
In bee stings, it is recommended to rub a little garlic or onion. Sugar can also be effective. In case of fly bites, apply the cream on the spot.

A sore throat
Take the shells of some pomegranates and put them in a bowl with a glass of water and boil. Then with the result of this boiling, lukewarm, make some gargle several times a day. In case of irritation, gargle with water and salt, are highly recommended.

Bronchitis crisis
Cut an onion and bring to the heat in a bowl with water. Cook over low heat until onion is tender. Add water if necessary. Then strain, sweeten a little and take four tablespoons during the day.

Rheumatic pains
Rub locally with iodine dye. Relief is safe…

Dilute baking soda with water and gargle. In addition, bicarbonate is also excellent for relieving itching. Caution: Do not use in high doses, as it has a high sodium content, bicarbonate increases blood pressure.

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