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Home Treatments for Common Ailments

Canker sores
Lemon is very suitable for unpleasant canker sores, as well as salted plums, three times a day, and propolis. Good results are also obtained by using a few drops of Sayo on the canker sores three times a day. A drop of the carnation essence on them is also indicated. It is worth remembering that food is essential for the cure of canker sores. Eat plenty of green salads and whole grains. Avoid meats and foods that cause fermentation.

Lemon, burdock tea and the ingestion of three salted plums are quite indicated in the treatment of allergies. Aloe vera, applied locally for 20 minutes also helps. Eliminate all foods that produce toxins, such as eggs, meats, preserves, and fats. It is advisable to eat whole grain cereals.

Belly pressure
Two hours after meals, have a glass of lime juice. After meals, tea also works well. Eliminate foods that cause fermentation, such as meat, eggs, and fats. Also avoid white bread, sugar and its derivatives, such as sorbets and frozen products. Eating right, three times a day, in an accurate daily routine, helps a lot in the treatment.

Insect Bites
In bee stings, it is recommended to rub a little garlic or onion. Sugar can also be effective. In case of fly bites, apply the cream on the spot.

A sore throat
Take the shells of some pomegranates and put them in a bowl with a glass of water and boil. Then with the result of this boiling, lukewarm, make some gargle several times a day. In case of irritation, gargle with water and salt, are highly recommended.

Bronchitis crisis
Cut an onion and bring to the heat in a bowl with water. Cook over low heat until onion is tender. Add water if necessary. Then strain, sweeten a little and take four tablespoons during the day.

Rheumatic pains
Rub locally with iodine dye. Relief is safe…

Dilute baking soda with water and gargle. In addition, bicarbonate is also excellent for relieving itching. Caution: Do not use in high doses, as it has a high sodium content, bicarbonate increases blood pressure.

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The avocado, the fruit of health

Avocado, also known as avocado, is usually eaten in salads for its taste so exotic and fresh. In fact it is the main ingredient of the famous Mexican sauce, guacamole. The avocado helps the body to absorb carotenoid antioxidants that are known as beta carotene and lycopene.

These substances are better absorbed when the avocado is added to the salads. Since the combination of the avocado with other vegetables helps to enhance this effect. It can also be consumed as oil and added to fruits, to enhance the absorption of these antioxidants. The good thing about avocado fruit is that its taste is very good with both sweet and salty.avocado benefits

El compuesto principal que ayuda al organismo, es el omega 3, que es lo que ayuda a mantener sano el corazón, la buena vista y el sistema nervioso central. De hecho se lo recomienda para personas que tienen Alzheimer o que tienen posibilidades de tener dicha enfermedad, ya que ayuda al mejor funcionamiento del cerebro

The benefits

The main benefit of the avocado, is the type of fat offered to the body. This is extremely healthy, in fact it does very well helping to keep inflammations better. That’s why it is recommended for people who have arthritis, because it helps to deflate tissues and relieve pain. This fat also helps to clean the digestive system, keeping it healthy for better absorption of the nutrients needed for everyday life.

The main compound that helps the body, is omega 3, which is what helps to maintain healthy heart, good eyesight and central nervous system. In fact it is recommended for people who have Alzheimer’s or who are likely to have Alzheimer’s disease as it helps the brain work better.

The high content of vitamin E it possesses makes it an antioxidant fruit par excellence, helping the tissues to stay healthier and more active.

To consume it and get better all its benefits, you have to peel it trying not to separate your skin much, since the most important nutrients are just after the peel. It oxidizes very easily in contact with the air, to avoid this you will be adding some lemon and you can keep the fruit fresher with its characteristic green color for longer. To make guacamole proceed to make the puree, the mixture with onion and tomato chopped, and is ready to serve. In salads you can choose to cut it into slices and look good with any type of vegetables. A very rich recipe is the mouse of sweet avocado, which is made with bananas and avocados made puree, sweetened with honey. It is allowed to cool in the refrigerator and is ready to eat.

Tips for avoiding depression

Entering a depressive state today is common currency. The demands of daily life, the little time that is dedicated to the things we like, the lack of affection, the stress, everything leads to lower the mood in few time and without realizing one can fall into depression that Could be avoided if you pay attention to it in time.

When you go into a depressive state you are losing your desire to do things as simple as getting out of bed, taking a shower or eating lunch. It seems that life lost meaning and finding desire within oneself is almost impossible. The problem is that it becomes a circle where one can not get out and each time gets depressed more. Before reaching this state, it is convenient to be aware of this and do something about it.avoid depression

Where to start to fight depression?

The main thing is to find people to support you. It is important to surround yourself with people who offer you their affection without burdening you with more problems. Knowing that you have someone in life, it makes everything lighter. Many times we can not find such support in the closest people and that is why it is good to go to a specialist or a center where support groups are formed. Being able to talk to someone, getting out of that vicious circle, is the first step to getting out of this state.

You Must go little by little

You have to start with small things and do not underestimate them. Being able to get up, bathe and have breakfast on time is a big step. Do not be discouraged because it cost a lot to achieve something that for most people does without even thinking. We are all different and each one has to deal with different things in life.

Do not suddenly pretend to be very well and go out to celebrate life as if nothing had happened. This can take you to the top and then make it drop quickly. In fact it is very common thing that happens with people suffering from depression, one day they are very happy and the other are shattered in their bed. You have to go slowly, until you can find an emotional balance. Do not be distressed by this. In everyone’s life there are good days and bad days. You have to know how to have patience, go slowly and hope that everything will turn out well.

How to increase testosterone naturally and without side effects

From the age of 30, testosterone levels have declined in most men. This undoubtedly worries many, as this hormone is associated with manhood, reproduction and sexual performance. In fact it has been proven that men with very little testosterone have less reproductive capacity. Due to this is very important to increase testosterone in addition to conserve the vitality that characterizes it.

In turn men with low testosterone present symptoms that often lower their self-esteem and sexual performance. These symptoms can be: low erections, weight loss, lack of desire for sex, increased body fat and poor sperm quality, among others. It is important to note that not all symptoms are present at the same time.increase testosterone naturally

Some tips to increase testosterone levels in the body are:

Weight loss

It has been proven through medical and scientific studies that most overweight men tend to have lower levels of testosterone in the body. So losing weight is a fundamental requirement if you want this hormone to increase in your body. It is vital to increase testosterone.

You Sign up for a gym and lift weight to boost testosterone

Even if you do not think doing this type of male activities increases the level of testosterone. In this case you can exercise both cardiovascular and weight. Remember that the heavier the exercise you do, the greater the chance that you will achieve the desired goal.

Eat foods rich in natural fats

When we eat foods rich in harmful fats we not only affect our physical appearance but also our health. That is why, strive to consume healthy fats, such as: Avocado, coconut oils, olive, sesame, among others. Nuts are also rich in healthy fats, such as: merey, nuts, mani, almond, sesame. In turn fruits such as avocado and coconut will be your allies in a food that revolves around improving your hormonal levels.

Eat Healthy Protein

Lean red meats are good sources of saturated protein and iron. That is why the consumption of this type of food must be increased in your diet. Eggs are also one of the recommended proteins when increasing this hormone is treated, since eggs are an excellent source of vitamin D, which contributes to the formation of the hormone in your body. This type of food will help you increase testosterone.

Control stress levels

Recent studies have concluded that men who have a high level of stress in their day to day, produce less testosterone than those who lead a calmer pace of life. This is because by having stress the body activates the production of cortisol which is known as the stress hormone. This hormone causes the heart to pump blood faster and as cortisol increases, testosterone decreases. The higher level of stress, the greater the production of cortisol and the longer the lock of production of testosterone in the body.

We hope these tips will serve to increase this prized and important hormone in men. But remember that if your problem is serious you should seek the help of a professional. You should not be ashamed to do so. Most men have had this problem in the course of their life. Also following these tips will be possible for you to increase testosterone.

Paprika vitamins and delicious ways to prepare it

The nutrients for which the peppers stand out and differs from the usual vegetables are the vitamins that contribute to our diet. The red peppers are loaded with abundant beta-carotene, the main precursor of vitamin A. This is necessary for the growth and development of bones, for the maintenance and repair of mucous cells, epithelia, skin, nails and tooth enamel.

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In addition to improving our vision and preventing premature aging and the onset of cancer. The paprika also contains another fat soluble vitamin that is usually only present in foods that are rich in fats: The great vitamin E. And combining vitamins like A and E makes paprika a king among antioxidants that comes with other valuable nutrients like Vitamin B6, folic acid, flavonoids, organic acids and salicylates with anti-inflammatory effects.

Not enough of this the paprika are the leaders of a vitamin that we still do not name: Vitamin C, are the best source of this precious vitamin especially the yellow ones and the red ones when they are well mature: a single paprika, even being green Our diet the vitamin C needed to consume per day, especially when consumed raw or with little cooking.

The paprika was precisely the food by which Dutch scientist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi synthesized vitamin C, which would later be worth the Nobel prize of medicine because of his research and the benefits provided by it.

Antioxidant power and ally in controlling or losing weight

The paprika is virtually devoid of fats, has very few calories (only 25 per 100 grams) in turn provide few carbohydrates and protein. But there is something that paprika does brings to our diet in a great way antioxidants and vitamins.

  1. Vitamin C: Peppers are the most abundant source of ascorbic acid in our usual diet, they are more than some citrus fruits, including kiwis. They are only overcome by less frequent foods like passion fruit or acerola. The content increases as the paprika ripens and reaches its maximum when it is well red. Given the sensitivity of this vitamin to heat only fully benefit from its benefits when raw vegetables are consumed. Food thus results even, but digestive.
  2. Carotenoids: This group belongs to beta-carotene or pro-vitamin A and lycopene but in red paprika there are up to 20 different substances. Some such as ketocarotenoids have been found only in them. Which exert a potent antioxidant action.
  3. Vitamin E: Despite its low fats, paprika provides a remarkable amount of vitamin E, which is associated with the antioxidant effect, 100 grams of red pepper provides 15% of the vitamin E needed daily.

Other vitamins: Paprika provides both B-group vitamins including B6 and folic acid; As abundant vitamin K. This vitamin present in vegetables intervenes in blood clotting and the formation of bone mass.

Purchase and maintenance

For your purchase, it is best to do it in markets where we can find fresh and well-preserved vegetables. Its season is in periods of June and September, the rest of the year its cultivation is forced therefore, perhaps its flavor and nutrients may decrease. Once purchased refrigerate them is the best and eat them fast as they mature easily.

The paprika brings the three antioxidant vitamins A, C and E along with several of group B, such as folic acid. So it is a great anticancer and strengthens the blood system.