Every Day Fitness: How To Lead a More Active Lifestyle

Staying active is extremely important to your health. It’s important to have a fitness routine that will keep you young, strong and will help stave off sickness and disease. But, even going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week may not be enough! As humans, we need a whole range of exercise and movement in order to stay healthy.

But unfortunately, we are very sedentary and when push comes to shove, our workouts are the first thing we let go of when we’re busy. So, here are a few ways in which we can make fitness a daily part of our lives.

Workout in quick spurts

New studies have demonstrated that four to 6 sprints of 30 seconds give you the same benefits for your heart than 40 to 60 minute workouts! That’s an amazing way to save time and get yourself motivated! You don’t have to commit a huge chunk of time to get these benefits and that can really help you get a move on. What can you do? Jump rope, sprint down the street, or even run outside with your kids. Your heart will thank you!

Add Fitness equipment to your home

Leave a set of dumbbells in your kitchen so that you can do a few curl ups while making dinner. Put a yoga mat in the living room so you can stretch while you watch T.V. Place a resistance band in your bathroom so you can do some arm exercises before you shower. Use a stability ball at your desk at home or even at the office to engage your core muscles and legs while doing some work. It all begins to add up and gets you moving throughout the day.

Make things are little inconvenient

Park a little farther from your office, mall or wherever you are doing. Use the stairs and walk or bike to get places when you can. Carry your own groceries. These little ways of doing work have a cumulative effect on your body.

Plan active dates and family outings

Instead of movie and a dinner, try going hiking, biking or frolic on the beach with the kiddos. Going swimming at the pool or lake, engaging in a fun game of basketball or even tennis. These are all fun ways in which you can spend time with the people you love.

Use a treadmill, exercise bike, or step climber while watching T.V.

You can do this at the gym or from the comfort of your own living room if you have the right equipment. Time will fly by as you watch your favorite T.V. show and get your sweat on at the same time.

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Take active breaks at work

Instead of congregating at the coffee machine, use your breaks at work to stroll around the office, go into the bathroom and do a few squats, or do some jumping jacks at your desk. Go for a walk during your lunch break or even take your phone meetings while going for a brisk walk outside.

Do Your Chores

Instead of paying someone to clean your pool, shovel your driveway, or do your yard work, take a do it yourself approach. You will save money and burn a lot of calories at the same time.

Get Yourself a 4 legged Pal

Nothing can get you move more than a friendly pup. Take your new friend for walks around the neighborhood or runs at the park. You will gain a friend and loose some pounds.

Sneak a peek at yourself.

It may seem silly, but looking at yourself while you work out makes the workout seem easier and gets you motivation. So, put a mirror in front of your treadmill and get to stepping.

Track Your steps

Get a fitness tracker and watch yourself get more active. This is especially true if you make some friends and enter into some friendly competitions. You may find yourself taking the long route to get to the office, going outside to check the weather more often, and even running around your living room in circles just to watch those numbers go up!

Become a coach

If you have some old athletic skills that can use some dusting off, find a youth league and give back to the community. Whether you are teaching new technique or running around with the kiddos, you will get yourself more active. It’s so much fun and rewarding! It will definitely beat the treadmill any day.

Listen to music!

Turn on the music and find yourself dancing along while doing chores like cooking and folding laundry. The faster the music, the faster your feet will move! And if you use music while running, walking or cycling, you will exercise even longer and stronger than before. So, invest in a good set of earbuds and a fun music app and you’ll be well on your way to getting more active!

With these easy steps, your fitness levels will increase. It may even get you motivated to start working harder at the gym. But even if you don’t have a steady work out routine, by following these tips you will have a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

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