What and how to eat on the beach so you don’t get fat

He who once held that heat removes hunger, understands little of the appetite that reigns after a few hours of sun and sea.

The beach offers a sea of temptations and in the inns you can find everything but light food. The fundamental artillery against these “sins” will be the ice cream that we carry with difficulty for the sand, but that allows us to keep healthy food.

What and how to eat on the beach so you don't get fat

Temperature Caution
In order to ensure that a meal on the beach does not spoil the holidays, it is necessary to take into account which foods withstand high temperatures and which definitely need the cold to avoid spoiling themselves, since heat is a breeding ground for bacteria that cause foodborne illness (ETA).

To avoid them, the strategies are twofold: to have a portable preservative that can be kept at a temperature below 4ºC or to choose canned foods.

For example, a can of tuna can be opened on the spot to make tomato sandwiches, seasoned with a light mayonnaise packet. A can of planter to which mayonnaise or a small packet of oil is also a good choice.

These two alternatives provide between 200 and 300 calories, as well as a pancho or corn with butter, but they satisfy more and contain less fat.

Another food that can do without the cold in the fridge for a couple of hours is tomato salad, lettuce, carrot, hard-boiled egg, ham, chicken or tuna. Fruits can also be kept at room temperature.

Especially at this time when the skin is exposed to the sun for long hours, it is essential to consume vegetables and orange fruits that provide beta-carotene. In addition to preventing premature aging and fighting dermal problems, they promote tanning by stimulating the formation of melanin, a substance responsible for skin colour.

With the ice cream box full

Here are some light and nutritious food choices:

Salads that combine vegetables of all types and colors (green leafy salads provide low calories), with some starchy foods, in a smaller proportion, such as potatoes, corn, parboil rice or noodles, spittle or mustachol, and a hard boiled egg with a teaspoonful of oil.

One or two sandwiches of chicken, tuna, lean cooked ham or loin, and colored vegetables, to which you could add a packet of light mayonnaise.

A splash of chicken, palm hearts, lettuce, tomato and light mayonnaise provides only 200 calories. We spent an hour playing shuffleboard.

Matambre is also a healthy alternative, especially if it is made with lean meats, fish or pork carré. A thin slice adds up to 250 calories.

Rice with tuna and light mayonnaise, another typical food for the hottest days, accumulates 190 calories.

For dessert, fruit. If the intention is to lose weight, the lowest calorie ones are melon and watermelon. Bananas, figs and grapes contain the most carbohydrates.

By mid-morning or mid-afternoon, bitter or sweetened mate and non-calorie drinks, accompanied by four vanillas or a serving of vanilla sponge cake, lemon or orange, without additives.

At the inn
If the plan is to have lunch at the inn, the first rule is to choose small portions. Second, prefer low-fat meals. A small sandwich with cooked ham is a healthy alternative. And if there is corn, go ahead, but without butter: a large one with butter provides 225 calories; a small one with salt, 110.

The heavy ones:

  • White bread, salami, cheese and butter: 380 calories
  • Pebete, ham, cheese and butter: 370 calories
  • White bread, tuna in oil, egg and mayonnaise: 315 calories
  • 1 dessert plate: 550 calories.

The light ones:

  • Wholemeal bread, tuna fish, egg and tomatoes: 255 calories
  • French bread, ham, cheese and tomatoes, no dressing: 250 calories
  • Whole-grain bread, tenderloin, tomato and light mayonnaise: 225 calories
  • The alternative? Squid Provencal style. Or a portion of radishes, but shared by three.

How to Control Hair With Frizz?

Only those with frizz in their hair know the envy of seeing someone with manageable, docile hair. Why can’t we have a hair like that? Imagine all the possibilities, all the styles we could try, but no, we have frizz, we cannot.

Fortunately for us, not everything is lost. We can still get that look that we’re looking forward to and all we have to do is implement new practices for when we take care of our hair.

no frizz treatment

How to control hair with frizz?

We can use and test the following techniques to control our frizz in order to show off our hair without restrictions or fears.

Moisturizing Shampoo: Using a shampoo that hydrates and repairs our hair will make it better suited to the moisture outside, which tends to cause frizz. That said, the shampoo should be limited to being used once every two days, and even less, to let natural hair oils improve the condition of the scalp.

Moisturizing Conditioner: If your hair has frizz, you can’t leave out the conditioner. Many conditioners have dimethicone, which is a type of silicone known for covering the hair, conditioning it and giving it a great shine. Let your conditioner work for at least five minutes before rinsing. Then, be sure to occasionally use some clarifying shampoo to get rid of any remaining buildup.

Serum: Silicone also exists in styling serums that can do wonders for even the most uncontrollable hair. Apply them when your hair is clean and damp to facilitate absorption. If you use it when your hair is dry, it may make it oily, so be careful with that.

Hair dryer: Although applying heat with the blow dryer frequently can in the long run damage our hair, it can also reduce frizz. But be careful, if you let the hair air dry, it may absorb moisture and that also causes frizz, so be sure to use the blow dryer until the hair is completely dry.

A good brushing: A brush that works phenomenally on frizzy hair is the bristle brush, as it softens and straightens it. It also adds a little volume. It is a good idea to use this brush after using the hair dryer.

Oils: A weekly treatment of oils, such as Jojoba oil, can make the cuticle stronger, and this will help to make frizz less frequent.

Hair Sprays: Rebellious hair can be “soothing” by using an anti-frizz spray. A little bit where it’s needed

Home Treatments for Common Ailments

Canker sores
Lemon is very suitable for unpleasant canker sores, as well as salted plums, three times a day, and propolis. Good results are also obtained by using a few drops of Sayo on the canker sores three times a day. A drop of the carnation essence on them is also indicated. It is worth remembering that food is essential for the cure of canker sores. Eat plenty of green salads and whole grains. Avoid meats and foods that cause fermentation.

Lemon, burdock tea and the ingestion of three salted plums are quite indicated in the treatment of allergies. Aloe vera, applied locally for 20 minutes also helps. Eliminate all foods that produce toxins, such as eggs, meats, preserves, and fats. It is advisable to eat whole grain cereals.

Belly pressure
Two hours after meals, have a glass of lime juice. After meals, tea also works well. Eliminate foods that cause fermentation, such as meat, eggs, and fats. Also avoid white bread, sugar and its derivatives, such as sorbets and frozen products. Eating right, three times a day, in an accurate daily routine, helps a lot in the treatment.

Insect Bites
In bee stings, it is recommended to rub a little garlic or onion. Sugar can also be effective. In case of fly bites, apply the cream on the spot.

A sore throat
Take the shells of some pomegranates and put them in a bowl with a glass of water and boil. Then with the result of this boiling, lukewarm, make some gargle several times a day. In case of irritation, gargle with water and salt, are highly recommended.

Bronchitis crisis
Cut an onion and bring to the heat in a bowl with water. Cook over low heat until onion is tender. Add water if necessary. Then strain, sweeten a little and take four tablespoons during the day.

Rheumatic pains
Rub locally with iodine dye. Relief is safe…

Dilute baking soda with water and gargle. In addition, bicarbonate is also excellent for relieving itching. Caution: Do not use in high doses, as it has a high sodium content, bicarbonate increases blood pressure.

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Mirror Essentials Opinions: Where You Can Buy with Confidence

Online shopping is becoming more and more popular. It’s a convenient way of getting all of your needs met without even having to leave the comfort of your own home. Why spend hours in the stores looking for something when you can let your fingers do the searching?

However, We have all heard of the shopping fails people have had with some online stores. People order things and then end up with a ridiculous cartoon version of what they thought they were ordering. The item is super low quality, it never fits because it’s not the size advertised, and then when you try to complain to customer service or send it back, the customer service is the worst!!

That’s what makes Mirror Essentials such an amazing find! This is an online store that specializes in the latest trends and sells that at really amazing prices. In fact, since they work with large manufacturers from all over the world, they have the greatest prices you will find anywhere online.

The store specializes in three different areas which include shapewear, slimming thermo, and fitness. The shapewear includes the best and highest quality slimming panties, camisoles, leggings and more. The slimming thermo line includes workout clothing that increases your sweat production while you work out in order to burn more calories and get rid of the toxins that build up in your body. The fitness includes the ultimate in ab fitness.

Each item in the store is of really great quality. Everything has a detailed description and a specific sizing chart, so you know that the item you order will fit exactly as you need it to. The pictures are really great quality, so that you can see in detail the item that you are ordering.

The company has free tracking and will ship to pretty much anywhere in the world. Now, shipping can take a little longer than normal. It’s anywhere from 10 to 24 days for worldwide shipping. That is a little longer than other places, but it’s worth the wait since the prices are so great. And since you can track your items, you know exactly where they are and when you can expect them.

Mirror Essentials has a great following, because they are such a great website. You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with news, the latest trends, and even discounts and sales. They also have a Youtube channel so that you can see videos on the great items they have!

It can’t go without saying, that customer service is one of the things that can make or break a company. And this site has really great customer service! They will chat with you right on the website as you make your purchases. Moreover, you can call them or e-mail them for any questions or concerns you may have and you will receive a prom and friendly response.

Not only do they have really great prices on this site, but they often have great sales and discounts. In fact, just by signing up and making your first purchase you can get 10% off right off the bat! Be sure to check them out!

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Every Day Fitness: How To Lead a More Active Lifestyle

Staying active is extremely important to your health. It’s important to have a fitness routine that will keep you young, strong and will help stave off sickness and disease. But, even going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week may not be enough! As humans, we need a whole range of exercise and movement in order to stay healthy.

But unfortunately, we are very sedentary and when push comes to shove, our workouts are the first thing we let go of when we’re busy. So, here are a few ways in which we can make fitness a daily part of our lives.

Workout in quick spurts

New studies have demonstrated that four to 6 sprints of 30 seconds give you the same benefits for your heart than 40 to 60 minute workouts! That’s an amazing way to save time and get yourself motivated! You don’t have to commit a huge chunk of time to get these benefits and that can really help you get a move on. What can you do? Jump rope, sprint down the street, or even run outside with your kids. Your heart will thank you!

Add Fitness equipment to your home

Leave a set of dumbbells in your kitchen so that you can do a few curl ups while making dinner. Put a yoga mat in the living room so you can stretch while you watch T.V. Place a resistance band in your bathroom so you can do some arm exercises before you shower. Use a stability ball at your desk at home or even at the office to engage your core muscles and legs while doing some work. It all begins to add up and gets you moving throughout the day.

Make things are little inconvenient

Park a little farther from your office, mall or wherever you are doing. Use the stairs and walk or bike to get places when you can. Carry your own groceries. These little ways of doing work have a cumulative effect on your body.

Plan active dates and family outings

Instead of movie and a dinner, try going hiking, biking or frolic on the beach with the kiddos. Going swimming at the pool or lake, engaging in a fun game of basketball or even tennis. These are all fun ways in which you can spend time with the people you love.

Use a treadmill, exercise bike, or step climber while watching T.V.

You can do this at the gym or from the comfort of your own living room if you have the right equipment. Time will fly by as you watch your favorite T.V. show and get your sweat on at the same time.

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Take active breaks at work

Instead of congregating at the coffee machine, use your breaks at work to stroll around the office, go into the bathroom and do a few squats, or do some jumping jacks at your desk. Go for a walk during your lunch break or even take your phone meetings while going for a brisk walk outside.

Do Your Chores

Instead of paying someone to clean your pool, shovel your driveway, or do your yard work, take a do it yourself approach. You will save money and burn a lot of calories at the same time.

Get Yourself a 4 legged Pal

Nothing can get you move more than a friendly pup. Take your new friend for walks around the neighborhood or runs at the park. You will gain a friend and loose some pounds.

Sneak a peek at yourself.

It may seem silly, but looking at yourself while you work out makes the workout seem easier and gets you motivation. So, put a mirror in front of your treadmill and get to stepping.

Track Your steps

Get a fitness tracker and watch yourself get more active. This is especially true if you make some friends and enter into some friendly competitions. You may find yourself taking the long route to get to the office, going outside to check the weather more often, and even running around your living room in circles just to watch those numbers go up!

Become a coach

If you have some old athletic skills that can use some dusting off, find a youth league and give back to the community. Whether you are teaching new technique or running around with the kiddos, you will get yourself more active. It’s so much fun and rewarding! It will definitely beat the treadmill any day.

Listen to music!

Turn on the music and find yourself dancing along while doing chores like cooking and folding laundry. The faster the music, the faster your feet will move! And if you use music while running, walking or cycling, you will exercise even longer and stronger than before. So, invest in a good set of earbuds and a fun music app and you’ll be well on your way to getting more active!

With these easy steps, your fitness levels will increase. It may even get you motivated to start working harder at the gym. But even if you don’t have a steady work out routine, by following these tips you will have a healthier and more fit lifestyle.

Sleep Styler: Some Precautions You Should Know

The sleep styler does not damage your hair

Sleep Styler – Somes precautions for making use of the sleep styler

The Sleep Styler is an absorbent, heat-cost-free, lightweight, and ultra-soft hair roller that dries and curls a user’s hair while they sleep — the very first of its variety. The ultra-suede microfiber polishes the hair smooth while the plush memory foam conforms to the head for a cozy night’s sleep. Hair gets softer and shinier with out the use of damaging hot styling equipment.

Rely on these marshmallow-soft rollers to dry and style your hair as you sleep. …

Some precautions for making use of the sleep styler

When engaging into sleep styler, take into account investing in added rollers. If you have thick hair and I truly feel like you had been adding as well considerably hair to each roller, thereby growing the drying time, you could make a decision to invest in an added set of rollers from the sleep styler. This will make a difference in obtaining a lot more distinct curls and decreasing the drying time.

Practice placing the rollers: placing the rollers is not tough, but it could took you a number of attempts to place them the way you want, in accordance to the appear you are making an attempt to accomplish. The sleep styler offers video tutorials to support you practice and accomplish the appear you want.

Take into account allowing hair to air dry prior to placing rollers. This is notably critical if you have thick or extended hair.

1- Positive aspects of the sleep styler

In addition to saving you time and area, the modern technological innovation in the sleep styler offers it 4 primary advantages.

2- Speedy Drying Technology

The large-efficiency microfiber wicking material imbedded, pushes moisture away from your hair, while allowing highest airflow close to each lock of hair. It is an ultrasoft material that polishes your hair smooth. In addition, the patented material holds four to 5 occasions its bodyweight in water.

3- Excellent Hair Health

The sleep styler does not harm your hair like hot styling equipment. It’s made to fully change your blow dryer, curling iron, and straightener to support make sure your hair stays healthful extended-phrase.

4- Memory Foam Core

The sleep styler can support you get a better sleep. The item is created from laser-minimize memory foam that holds an imprint of your hand – like large-finish bedding. You can easily remove the foam insert from the material to wash the material right after a number of makes use of.

5- Curl or straighten your hair

Far past curling your hair with the sleep styler, It also allows you to wrap your hair in a spiral to curl, or hold flat along the length of the roller to straighten. The sleep styler is especially engineered to generate the excellent bombshell curl for everybody. You can see option styling strategies on the Sleep Styler site. In addition, the sleep styler claims to function with all sorts hair – whether your hair is added coarse, frizzy, or kinky.

The sleep styler is an modern new method that can make it simple to style your hair while you sleep, function, study, or do what you actually want to do. Every gadget is heat cost-free, super absorbent, and the roller is capable of holding up to 5X its own bodyweight. The memory foam cores preserve you cozy as you unwind. Mini rollers, three”L, each. Huge rollers, 6″L, each. Polyester. The sleep styler method is not only simple to use, but you will value making use of the rollers to accomplish a sleek, straight appear or bouncy curls. You can see your hair only receiving healthier as you reduce or even eliminate the quantity of heat your hair is exposed to.

Waist trimmers! Every woman’s secret

waist trimmer

Waist Trimmer

Waist trimmers help to reduce specified troublesome places on our bodies by sculpting our figure instantly and if employed every day these final results can be everlasting. Girdles are straightforward to use and are effortlessly concealed under your garments, as they are very discreet and no person will ever know about your little trick.

Here are some benefits that come from making use of a girdle:

  • They help us appear slimmer and give us an hourglass shape
  • They are extremely relaxed, straightforward to use and very discreet
  • They inspire compression and transpiration
  • They help us lose excess weight more quickly
  • They help to enhance our posture although walking or sitting

They help to company up your body naturally, providing us a improve in self-self confidence.
Clinchers also help in burning off that undesirable excess fat and getting rid of your difficulty places.

There is a broad selection of different varieties of waist trimmers available, you just have to pick the design that accentuates your curves and conceals your difficulty places.

Girdles can be classified by two approaches: Performance and shape


Sculpting girdles
These girdles help to management and sculpt your figure day following day. They act on the entire body by gathering up the extra excess fat from different elements of the body and changing it in one more location of the body, leaving you hunting slimmer and fashionable. They are ideal for modifying numerous places on your body. They are typically made from an elastic materials that adapts to your body with out causing bulges or wrinkles. These are extremely relaxed girdles that give you quick final results. Also, one more benefit is that it improves your posture as it forces you to stand straighter and taller.

Reduction girdles
Reduction girdles offer you a tighter management as they can reduce your dress dimension up two sizes. They are typically made from different supplies such as latex, neoprene, elastic, cotton, microfiber and energy-net. Also, they may well be combined with materials that produce a thermal effect to increase the release of built-up toxins and fats and have an inner layer that is created to soak up the extra sweat.

Post-partum girdles
Post-partrum waist trimmers help you to recuperate your figure by slowly tightening and adjusting the clincher as you get started to recuperate your pre-pregnancy figure back. These clinchers help the tummy location to return to its normal shape much more rapidly by reinforcing the abdomen muscle tissues and tightening the skin.

It also helps to realign your posture and give your back further stability, although allowing the mobility to choose up your new baby.

Therapeutic girdles
Therapeutic girdles help to correct the posture and perform wonders for females who suffer from negative postures caused from extra breast excess weight or for people who have been not too long ago operated on.

They are typically employed for delivering further support for the back and some even have steel bones that help realign your posture.

Lumbar belts give the support required to give your sore back muscle tissues a break kind holding up your body’s excess weight continuously. This nearly instantly relieves you of your back soreness.


Panty girdles
Panty girdles are a complement to any women’s under garment assortment and can be employed every day. Even even though it seems like a typical pair of panties, panty girdles can help us to really feel much more secure each day under the garments we dress in and are straightforward to use. These girdles help to hold the abdomen and gluts firmly in location. This provides you a smaller waistline and much more accentuated figure.

Girdle pants
Girdle pants help to give your muscle tissues much more definition and eliminate cellulitis. They sculpt your muscle tissues, hips and buttocks. Also, based on the style, it could help to reduce your tummy location. These varieties of garments are very effortlessly concealed under your garments and are found in all sizes, in accordance to your wants.

Body girdles
Body girdles cover your entire torso, from your waistline to your breasts and often it will even contain your buttocks and hips, but other occasions it will not.

Body girdles will sculpt your entire body and accentuate your curves naturally, leaving you hunting very sexy and feminine. They will help you define your figure by smoothing out your curves, so they appear much more appealing on your torso. They can be employed to slim your waistline, smooth your abdomen location out, push up your breasts for a sultry appear and give you an hourglass figure.

They are specially advisable for females who have a flabby stomach and waistline, as it helps to slim their figure and hips but at the exact same time accentuating their breasts.

This can also be found in a tank leading or panty style.

Beneath garments by Julia have the brands that design the greatest girdles that are all made from substantial top quality supplies such as:

Anaissa is a Spanish brand with much more than 45 many years of experience!

From 1970, Anaissa has been adopting their style to the consistent alterations to the Spanish style by investing and strengthening their design. This has lead to their excellence and substantial top quality garments.
This critical Spanish brand plays a useful function in the modern engineering in the style globe and adapted to the “wise textile” sector by incorporating cosmetic-textile engineering into their garments.

Playtex is a effectively-known brand of under garments and is renowned for becoming relaxed. Their design accentuates a women’s figure. Thanks to Playtex, you can really feel secure and sexy at the exact same time. Their quest is to produce a line of products that are ideal for day-to-day life. Playtex has become every woman’s ally in femininity, as it helps females from all aspects of life to appear sophisticated, self-assured and to be content with their bodies, in every circumstance. Playtex is a women’s greatest friend.

Es’belt is the leader in the globe for body shaping as it is revolutionizing the market place with their functional lingerie. Es’belt’ s girdles are appealing, sensual and shall we say daring line products that help the Spanish females to reveal their elegance and enchantment. Es’belt helps females worldwide appear their greatest.

Co’coon is a textile firm with much more than thirty many years of experience making girdles, nylons, under garments and socks. They have a robust presence in Latin America, United States and elements of Europe.

They stand out since of the fine detailing and elegance of their products. Girls adore how these girdles make them really feel when worn. Their garments help to sculpt, mold, accentuate and slowly reduce the dimension of different elements of their body.


Get a perfect eye delination

If we do not have much skill it is advisable to choose the eyeliner in pencil or with which we feel more comfortable. We can put a template or a guide to get the way you want. When it comes to makeup, we are never going to run out of ideas, since there are a huge number of styles with which you can practice and are fun. However, the outline is already a different theme. And is that, although for the outlined also there are a lot of styles, this is often a challenge for those who practice automation.

The outline lets you give life and emphasis to your face; for this reason it is essential to be very careful when applying it, since your makeup will depend on it. If you want to learn to delineate your eyes to perfection, we recommend continuing reading this article

Knowing which is the best eyeliner for you. Even before you begin to delineate your eyes, you have to know how many types of eyeliners exist and which is the most recommended for you:

  • Pencil: It is perfect if you do not have much experience, it tends to be softer than liquids or gel.
  • Felt pen: These eyeliners are very similar to liquids, with the difference that they have an internal storage for the ink.
  • Liquid: Strong black and with its pen tip but firm, this type of pencils require a greater accuracy of the pulse.
  • Gel: It is applied more simply, and usually comes in small jars and accompanied by a brush.

Most of us usually have difficulties in holding our firm hand, but it is not an inconvenience that must ruin our makeup. Sit in a place with enough light, this way you will be able to see well what you are going to do. Let the elbow rest on a flat surface, this will help you to suppress the irregular movement of your hand. At the moment of delineate, try to rest your little finger on your cheek, thus stabilize the tremor completely.

Hold your breath, so you will avoid any surprise moves. Guide points and the outline. If you do not have much experience with the eyeliner, you can begin by drawing guide points on the eyelid and join them at the end. You can also try drawing scripts: the trick is to make them as thin and as close to the lashes as you can. Do not stretch your skin. Although it seems easier when you do, once you have stopped stretching the outline will become a disaster. If you cannot help it, simply wipe the lines with some makeup remover and a swab, or use corrector on the excesses.

If you want a delineated with a fine and perfect point but it is difficult to do it by hand, we recommend:

  • Find a tape. Put it between the eyelash and the eyebrow, or at the height of the corner
  • Use the eyeliner regularly.
  • Let dry enough.
  • Remove the adhesive tape carefully.

You can also use a card or make a home template with a card that you do not use.

If your pencil eyeliner has begun to collapse or broke, think of doing the following:

Clean the tip carefully. Put it in the freezer. Let it rest for at least twenty minutes. Doing this will allow it to be compacted again, and in this way you will avoid a makeup accident in the future.

For have more amazing eyes. If you want everyone to look at your eyes, it delineates the inside of the eyelid; this will give a deep effect to your eye and will highlight even more.

In cases of urgency uses mascara. If you are in a bind and you do not find your eyeliner or you are finished, in a case like this do the following:

Look for a thin brush.

Use the mascara brush to remove the color.

Delineate your eye normally.

The mascara contains exactly the same color tone as the eyeliner, so you will not notice the difference.

Knowing which is the best eyeliner for you.

Cat style.

This is the style most desired by each and every one, since it creates a feeling of elegance and sensuality, apart from not changing from trend..

If you are looking for a delineated full of perfection, continue the next steps:

  • Make sure your eyelid is completely dry already before starting.
  • Shake your eyeliner well to avoid lumps.
  • Make a basic outline with the raised tip.
  • Look at the way already before proceeding. If the height does not persuade you, raise the tip a little more.
  • Make a completely straight line from the tip to the center of the eyelid.
  • Fill in the remaining space.
  • Let it dry.
  • Repeat on the other eye. At the moment of outline.

Whenever you plan to outline your eyes you must fill yourself with security, since it will not do you any good if you do not have confidence in yourself. Do not despair if you do not achieve the perfect outline on the first try, with practice you will improve your techniques and in a short time you will become a specialist.

Natural Remedies for Dandruff

Dandruff is an disease that affects many people, in the market there are many products that promise to cure it forever but one does not know what is being put in the head. Here are some remedies that are natural to help you with this problem.

Olive oil is an excellent remedy that can cure all kinds of dandruff problem. Olive oil acts as a moisturizer that makes the skin of the scalp very moist. This reduces the formation of dandruff. Before applying the olive oil, it should be heated gently. Hot olive oil gives more effect. Apply the oil to the scalp and massage gently. Leave all night. This would allow the skin to absorb the oil. During the other day we proceed to wash our hair with some shampoo.natural remedies for dandruff

Lemon juice and oil combined are a perfect formula to help cure dandruff. Although lemon juice has certain properties that can clarify things, it does not alter the color of your hair. Lemon works as an anti-fungal agent that fights the microbes that lead to the formation of dandruff. Make a mixture of lemon juice and coconut oil. Apply this mixture on the scalp and let stand for 20 to 30 minutes. Then wash the hair with the shampoo that you use. Try this remedy on a regular basis to get the desired effect.

Vinegar is an ancient remedy used to control dandruff. However, it is best not to use the vinegar that comes from the factory. Choose naturally prepared vinegar such as balsamic vinegar or apple cider vinegar. The vinegar has a component that helps to calm the itching produced by the scaling of the scalp. Therefore vinegar is a good treatment for dandruff that causes a lot of itching. It also helps promote blood circulation, which makes your hair become strong and healthy. Vinegar helps remove all dead skin cells from your scalp. This prevents the formation of dandruff.

Instead of directly applying the vinegar to your scalp you can also rinse the hair with vinegar diluted with water. You will get a lingering smell of vinegar but it will stop depending on your hair drying out.

The avocado, the fruit of health

Avocado, also known as avocado, is usually eaten in salads for its taste so exotic and fresh. In fact it is the main ingredient of the famous Mexican sauce, guacamole. The avocado helps the body to absorb carotenoid antioxidants that are known as beta carotene and lycopene.

These substances are better absorbed when the avocado is added to the salads. Since the combination of the avocado with other vegetables helps to enhance this effect. It can also be consumed as oil and added to fruits, to enhance the absorption of these antioxidants. The good thing about avocado fruit is that its taste is very good with both sweet and salty.avocado benefits

El compuesto principal que ayuda al organismo, es el omega 3, que es lo que ayuda a mantener sano el corazón, la buena vista y el sistema nervioso central. De hecho se lo recomienda para personas que tienen Alzheimer o que tienen posibilidades de tener dicha enfermedad, ya que ayuda al mejor funcionamiento del cerebro

The benefits

The main benefit of the avocado, is the type of fat offered to the body. This is extremely healthy, in fact it does very well helping to keep inflammations better. That’s why it is recommended for people who have arthritis, because it helps to deflate tissues and relieve pain. This fat also helps to clean the digestive system, keeping it healthy for better absorption of the nutrients needed for everyday life.

The main compound that helps the body, is omega 3, which is what helps to maintain healthy heart, good eyesight and central nervous system. In fact it is recommended for people who have Alzheimer’s or who are likely to have Alzheimer’s disease as it helps the brain work better.

The high content of vitamin E it possesses makes it an antioxidant fruit par excellence, helping the tissues to stay healthier and more active.

To consume it and get better all its benefits, you have to peel it trying not to separate your skin much, since the most important nutrients are just after the peel. It oxidizes very easily in contact with the air, to avoid this you will be adding some lemon and you can keep the fruit fresher with its characteristic green color for longer. To make guacamole proceed to make the puree, the mixture with onion and tomato chopped, and is ready to serve. In salads you can choose to cut it into slices and look good with any type of vegetables. A very rich recipe is the mouse of sweet avocado, which is made with bananas and avocados made puree, sweetened with honey. It is allowed to cool in the refrigerator and is ready to eat.